Sales at Avequipment

AV and computer saless were among the very first divisions of audiovisual company. We are working towards becoming a total sales solution provider of sound / video productions, videography, movie making, lighting for all kind of events, and equipment for post-production work.

Our sales clients range from highly qualified professionals to events mangers and end users. We offer basic training to those who are not familiar with the equipment. In some instances, we only allow our own engineers to setup and tear down the equipment. Some of the equipment is rented only to experienced professionals.

Our sales equipment:

Our inventory consists of latest state of art audiovisual equipment. We check, test and update our equipment regularly. Our engineers attend AV industry seminars, conferences and exhibitions to learn about new developments and AV products. We also try to keep an inventory of standby equipment.

Some of our most rented equipment:

Turning technologies Audience Response Systems with turning point clickers, receivers and software, commercial two way radios / walkie talkies, projectors, projection screens, video mixers, scalers, switchers, baluns and distribution amplifiers, sound reinforcement equipment, microphones, loudspeakers, sub woofers, sound boards, mixers, processors, equalizers, gates, limiters, spot lights, stage lights, special effects and video lighting, and professional SD and HD video cameras / camcorders.

Sales equipment delivery, setup and pickup:

We have very efficient and knowledgeable technicians and engineers that help with delivery and setup of AV equipment. This results in successful events and better client satisfaction.

Sales consulting and counseling:

Our educated, courteous and experienced staff helps clients in selecting the right equipment for their events. We spend a lot of time communicating with clients over the phone and if necessary, arrange meetings with them. We offer multiple solutions to our clients and help them in the selection process.

sales equipment reservations:

Our sales equipment gets reserved on first come first serve basis. Therefore, we urge our clients to reserve equipment as early as possible to help us serve them better.