Services at Avequipment

Our ability to provide AV services besides equipment sales and rentals sets us apart from other AV companies in the country. Some of our services are listed below.

AV systems operation:

We have experienced engineer and technicians to operate AV equipment in every discipline including audio / sound reinforcement, video projection, plasma, LCD & LED display monitors, lighting for all events and stage setup.

AV equipment setup:

Sometime setup of AV equipment requires knowledge and expertise and our clients need help and advice to setup sound and video projection. Our technical staff is ever ready to provide these services to make their event go smoothly and successfully.

Our delivery services:

We deliver equipment anywhere in Western Washington, from Oregon to Canadian border (Olympia to Bellingham). If you are professionals and want us to only deliver the equipment, you will like our reliable and timely delivery service.

Audience response (e-polling) systems:

Audience Response events require in depth knowledge of hardware, software and response / reporting options. We are among a few handful companies in the nation that provide complete assistance in designing the slides for Turning Technologies audience response systems, operating and generating reports.

AV design and integration:

If you are planning to add AV systems in existing office buildings, churches or event venues, you may consider benefiting from our expertise is AVIT systems design and Integration. Due to our background in IT we communicate well with professionals and management of IT department.

AV consultancy:

We provide consulting services for sound and video projection systems for large to small venue installations. Our engineers are knowledgeable about the needs of AV systems for houses of worship. We have helped many churches in the Puget Sound area. We can help all the way from planning, to installation and operation of the systems. Our professional event production engineers provide help in planning and designing of AV systems for events like conferences, large meetings, dinners, weddings and many other events.

AV education:

Our highly educated and qualified engineers can provide educational and training to AV professionals as well as end user. Currently we are working on design of, an on line educational portal.