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AVrent.com: AVrent.com is an Audiovisual Equipment rental portals. Our AV equipment rental inventory includes Projection Systems, Video Projectors, Projection Screens, Audio / Sound equipment, PA systems, Loudspeakers, Wired and wireless microphones, Soundboards, Mixers, Video converters, Video Cameras, Video Switchers, Acrylic Podiums, LED Lights.

Projectors.US: https://projectors.us is the Projectors sales, rental, and information portal. We sell and rent projectors to our US-based clients. We carry projectors for small to very large Venues.

AVCO: AVCO stands for Audiovisual Company. AVCO USA provides Audiovisual production and other services related to AV Industry in the US.

Medical Events: Medical events.com is the leading portal for promoting Medical Events like Medical conferences, Meetings, and tradeshows Worldwide. Hosts and Organizers post their events and the participants learn about their events and connect with organizers through medicalevents.com.