Welcome to the future Portals sites for the global Audiovisual Industry.

Dear AV Industry Executives:

Hope your businesses are doing well and are getting ready for the post COVID era. I am an engineer and have served as a lecturer, an engineer, and an AV industry entrepreneur over the past fifty years. We are planning to launch several web portals that shall cover all aspects of the audiovisual Industry. Our mission is to design and develop portals that shall become great resources for information about AV equipment, Industry Education and Information. We also intend to connect worldwide AV professionals with each other the corporations.

We intend to invite only a small number of corporations from each segment of the industry to sponsor or join us as partners. We anticipate high benefits for our sponsors and partners. Therefore, please contact us if you would like to sponsor or join us.

Some of the equipment categories that will be covered:

Audio EquipmentMixer Amplifier LoudspeakersMicrophonesCablingProcessors
Audio RecordersRadiosAudio TransmitterAudio ReceiversoftwareAudio EditorsAccessories
Video EquipmentVideo ProcessorsVideo ProjectorsProjection ScreensVideo DisplaysVideo CamerasVideo Editors
Video TransmittersVideo ReceiversVideo SwitchersDistribution Amps.SwitchersFormat ConvertersPower Storage
Studio GearVideo LightingVideo DronesVideo ConferencingPower ConditionersVideo Software

AV industry groups that will be covered:

AV ManufacturesAV DistributorsDealers & Retailersconsultants
Show ProducersAV EngineersContractors & InstallersAV Professionals

Some of our portals Planned for development:

  • AVequipment.com: An informational and Educational Portal for Audiovisual Equipment.
  • AVuniversity.com: An Academic portal with providing lessons, instructional videos for Audiovisual Industry Professionals and users.
  • AVdirectory.com: A directory of all segments of the industry.
  • AVmanufacturers.com: A directory and Information portal about the Manufacturers of AV equipment and related products worldwide.
  • AVdistributors.com: A directory and Information portal about the Distributors of the AV equipment and related products worldwide.
  • AVdealers.com: A directory and Information portal about the Dealers of the AV equipment and related products worldwide.
  • AVcontractors.com: Directory and Networking portal for Audiovisual professionals.
  • AVindustry.Org: An AV Industry organization portal.

Contact Info:
Shah Nawaz
AV Industry Organization
12922 SE 299th Street
Auburn, WA 98092 USA
Email: Shah@AVequipment.com
Phone: +1-206-575-7771   Cell: +1-206-856-0274